Show Someone You Love Them- Share Your Spitoon!

So, it's been a little while since my last post. The Bajowala household is dealing with a mini gastroenteritis epidemic right now. Lots of tummy aches, throwing up, and laundry.

My husband is out of town for work nearly every week, and it certainly makes parenting two young boys an adventure, especially when we're dealing with illness. But this time, dear hubby is sick as well, and all alone on the road. So, he called Son #1 from his hotel room to commiserate this evening. Here's a rough transcript of the telephone conversation.

Dad: How are you, buddy?
Son #1: Daddy, I throwed up. A lot.
Dad: Yeah, I'm throwing up too.
Son #1: Come home, Daddy. I will take care of you, and then you will feel better. You can puke in my bucket, okay?
Dad: What?!?
Son #1: I throwed up in my bucket that Dadi (grandma) gave me. You can do it too. We can puke in it together. Then we will feel so much better.
Dad: Okay, buddy. Thanks! Feel better- I love you.
Son #1: I love you too, Daddy. Bye.

Father and son puking their brains out into a shared plastic bucket... the symbolism just melts my heart.

The imagery, however, makes me want to join them.


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