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How to Teach a Young Child to Blow a Nose

It's here- cold season. All over town, boogery kids are wiping snot on their sleeves, their hands, and us.  One of the most important things you can teach your child is how to properly blow his/her nose.  It's one of the "skills" I check for whenever a young child comes to my office with symptoms of an upper respiratory infection.  I'm always amused by the number of kids blowing air out of their mouth! Here are my tips for getting the "highest yield", so to speak, from a nose blow. 1. Get some saline nasal spray.  If you're doing this in the morning, we have crust to loosen before we get this party started. (If you have a pressurized can of saline with a gentle spray nozzle, all the better.  There are multiple brands- they all work pretty well.)  Instill the saline into each nostril- enough so that it starts dripping out. 2. Dab the drips with a tissue. 3. Have your child take a deep breath. 4. With your finger on the tissue, apply enough

A Lesson in How Not to Surprise Your Kid

The setting- breakfast table on Saturday morning The cast of characters- the Allergistmommy and Son #1 Me: I have a surprise for you! We're going somewhere special today! Son #1 (eyes lighting up): Are we going to Hawaii!?!!? Me: Umm... no.  We're going to the pumpkin patch. Son #1: Oh, okay. (He loved it anyway, even if it wasn't paradise on earth.)