Support the Illinois School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act!

Many thanks to Illinois House Representatives Chris Nybo (R) and John D'Amico (D)  for sponsoring HB3294, the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, on 02/24/2011.

Click here for details regarding this bill:

"Provides that the purpose of the Act is to allow schools to have access to life-saving emergency epinephrine auto-injectors if and when a student has an anaphylaxis reaction and to allow the school to have personnel trained to administer an emergency epinephrine auto-injector. Provides that a school district may provide emergency epinephrine auto-injectors to trained personnel, and trained personnel may utilize those epinephrine auto-injectors to provide emergency medical. Provides that each public and private elementary and secondary school in the State may make emergency epinephrine auto-injectors and trained personnel available at its school and may designate one or more school personnel to receive initial and annual refresher training. Sets forth provisions concerning trained personnel, minimum standards and training, school plan, and limitation of liability. Effective immediately."

The bill is currently assigned to the Judiciary I - Civil Law Committee. See contact info for members of this committee here:

This bill is a welcome development- I have long believed that "unassigned" emergency epinephrine should be available in all schools for the protection of our children. If you are an Illinois resident, please contact the Civil law Committee members to express support for this bill!


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