Missing My Kids

I'm waiting for my flight home from the 2011 AAAAI Annual Meeting (delayed, naturally). It was a wonderful and educational conference, but I am ready to go home.

I miss my boys.

The time difference made it difficult to connect via phone- I was always calling during naptime, mealtime or mid-car ride to some really unhealthy restaurant meal with DH.

During the one call where I was actually able to speak with them, all I could make out was "Mommy, guess what?" and the rest was garbled. Sigh.

At the airport, there are adorable children everywhere. I know this is an impossibility, because children can only be annoying at airports (last trip, Son #2 actually ran OUT OF THE AIRPORT while we were checking our bags), but as I am not the mother, they are adorable to me.

When I hear a toddler call out, "Mommy!", the reaction is visceral- my throat chokes and my eyes get watery. Similar to hearing a baby's cry when separated from your newborn.

What is this connection between a mother and her children that makes separation so unbearable? Mother nature's ability to pre-wire how our heartstrings are tugged never ceases to amaze me.


  1. I feel the same. Even when I am just at work during the day! If I see a kid when I am out at lunch or something, my ears always perk up a little!
    Thanks so much for all the information from the meetings. It was really wonderful to read about the all research. My son is about to start an OIT trial for peanut allergy at Duke and I just can't seem to read enough about it. My brain craves every single diagram and chart and statistic!


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