I'll Keep Lying To My Kids, Until They Wisen Up

Horrible, isn't it? I feel no guilt whatsoever about the following dishonest charade...

Setting: Trusty Honda Civic, en route to a casual dinner out with the family.

Son #1: I want to go to Red Lobster!

Son #2: Red Lobster! Red Lobster!

DH: (whispering to me) Not tonight. I'll spend the whole time shelling crab legs for him. I just want a relaxing meal.

Allergist Mommy: Okay, kiddo. Let me call the restaurant...

(fake dials phone, lifts to ear) "Hello, Red Lobster? Do you have a table for 4? Yes, for tonight. Oh, really? Well, how soon will a table be open? 11pm?!?! No no, that's too late. Maybe some other time. Thank you. bye."

Honey, they are too full right now. How about Mexican?

Son #1: Okay, Mommy. I like their chips!

DH: Awesome.

This trick will only work for another couple of years. Until then, I intend to milk it dry.


  1. Yep. I'm riding the lying train as long as I can. The pacifier fairy came to our house. The Easter Bunny understands egg allergy. And sometimes the TV is broken.

  2. Sure, it gets you off the hook easily, but a lie is still a lie. While it's annoying to hear them whine or complain, I tell my 3 little ones the truth, and they learn to accept it. Ultimately, are you modeling the behaviour you want from them? Do you mind if they lie to you?


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