Our Children Are Watching... the Way We Encourage Them to Behave!

Just went a local restaurant to pick up lunch. As I exited my car, I was shocked to see a mother shielding her ~4 year old son with the car door while he urinated in the parking lot- in the spot directly in front of the restaurant entrance!

I'm sorry, but this is inexcusable. You're not camping in the woods, you standing in front of at least fifty people behind glass walls. In a restaurant that has a bathroom, for goodness sakes! If your child cannot control his bladder, I understand- all children toilet train at their own pace. Sometimes, especially while you're learning, "I gotta go" means, "I gotta go NOW".

But parental actions dramatically impact what our children learn to accept as appropriate behavior.

People knock country music sometimes. but there are some lessons to be learned...
I was listening to a Dixie Chicks album in the car yesterday, and was struck by the following lyrics: "Our children are watching us, they put their trust in us, they're gonna be like us."

If you giggle while allowing your child to void in the entrance of a place of business, instead of picking him up and racing to the washroom that is no more than 30 feet away, you teach your children that it is acceptable to disrespect other people and their property.

Shame on you. And don't come crying to me when your kid gets picked up by the cops for vandalism in 11 years. You only have yourself to blame.


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