Chasing Rainbows- Or, How Even Crappy Days Have Silver Linings

Son #1 woke up three times overnight and ended up in Grandma's bed after he decided that me marching him back to his own room was no longer acceptable. (Grandma's are softies.)

Son #2 was actually sleeping soundly for the first time in weeks, until the earthquake woke us up. Earthquake? Yes, earthquake. (Thank goodness our cities are built on a thick layer of bedrock, and that our municipalities enforce building codes.)

I woke up to a foot of snow covering my car, and my windshield wipers were frozen to my windshield. Yipee.

So, the thought of trudging to work on a day when the majority of patients will choose to stay home was less than enticing.

However, as I was driving along, the wheels of all the cars in front of me on the highway aerosolized the slush on the road. It's a strikingly clear and sunny day, and when the sunlight hit the airborne slush droplets, it had the magical effect of creating small rainbows between me and my fellow commuters. From slushy mess to beatiful refraction- if that's not making lemonade from lemons, I don't know what is.

Sunny day, will probably have plenty of time to finish my stack of paperwork today, chased rainbows this morning... things could be worse. :)


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