Kaneland Allergy & Asthma Center Opening July 2011!

I am thrilled to announce that in July, 2011, Kaneland Allergy & Asthma Center will open its doors!

The decision to open my own medical practice did not come easily. The combination of the changing healthcare environment and new economic realities in our nation has caused many to question the viability of private practice medicine altogether. So naturally, I am filled with butterflies at the prospect of starting from scratch....

However, my heart tells me that I am doing the right thing. I believe there is a great need for independent physicians in our nation- physicians who are not answerable to bureaucrats or administrators or insurance companies, but are answerable only to their patients and their own consciences. I believe that patients long for a return to the time when conversation and education created the cornerstone of medical care, rather than pills and procedures. I believe that medicine is still a noble profession- we only need to start believing in it again.

With this in mind, I prepare myself for an incredible adventure ahead. I thank my family in advance for tolerating what will surely be a test of our ingenuity and sheer power of will. I thank my future patients for the trust they will place in my abilities and compassion. Most of all, I thank God for the many blessings continually showered upon me.

Ready... Set... Let's Go!!!


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