How You Know Your Little Boy is Growing Up... (sniff, sniff)

This afternoon, Son #1 showed me an art project that he made at daycare- a conglomeration of sand and paint and glitter.

Son #1: Mommy, look I made a picture for-

Me (interrupting): It's beautiful, honey! Thank you!
Me (thinking to myself): Oh gosh, he's going to be so proud of this one... How am I going to recycle it without him noticing?

Son #1: Mommy, it's not for you. I made this picture for Selena Gomez (Disney teen queen).

Me: Oh! Okay... well, it's very nice. I'm sure she'll love it.
Me (thinking to myself again): Oh no. I have just been supplanted as my son's most loved woman. Selena Gomez, you better watch your back, little lady.


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