"Poop in My Eye"- A Novel Cause of Conjunctivitis

It's that time of year. The intersection of tree and grass seasons. Beautiful to look at, miserable to inhale.

Naturally, my 4 year old's allergic conjunctivitis is starting to rear its ugly head. This morning, I found him rubbing his watery little eyes as we were getting ready for a visit to the pediatrician.

As I went to grab a Kleenex for him, I passed by my 9 month old and caught a whiff of his unusually pungent diaper. Aah, the sensory joys of motherhood...

Upon hearing me call his brother a "stinky butt", my son decided to embellish his story, as 4 year olds are wont to do:

"Mommy, I think he pooped in my eye."

The visual had me cracking up all the way to the pediatrician's office... I secretly prayed that he wouldn't share his theory about the cause of his conjunctivitis symptoms, lest she believe I am allowing my baby to use his brother as a potty.


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